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Out Pass

Our school student’s safety is our top most priority. As a top boarding school, we have policies and guidelines put in place to ensure our pupils outings are dealt with care. School allows outings, provided there is a written request from the parents in advance. Parents or Guardian with issued ID card are only allowed to take the students out of the premises.

Support System

The school has a well-established support system which includes laundry, hair cutting, electricians, carpenters, security guards and round the clock staff nurse & visit by Pediatricians as and when required.

We recognize that it is our duty to ensure arrangements are in place for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and we will carry out this duty. Needs of every student will be taken care of by our staff. We ensure security systems are in place and all our staff is regularly trained to ensure children needs are taken care of. We are mindful of students health and prevention. We keep our premises clean and hygienic. A qualified nurse is always on premise to ensure children are cared for.

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Birthday celebrations are special to every child and our school celebrates them like festivity. We are one amongst the best boarding schools in Hyderabad that put our students well being and happiness above all. On the birthday of a student, he/she will be wished by all the students and teachers in the morning assembly and it will conclude by chanting mrityunjay mantra “Om Triambakam yajamahe sukandhim pushtivardhanam oorvaru kameeha bhandhanaath mrutyormrukshi yamahmruthath.” . Parents are allowed to visit the hostel on birthdays. Parents come in the evening with a cake or supporting staff/wardens arrange the cake for the student to celebrate birthday along with their classmates and taking the blessings of Honourable Director Sir and Principal Sir. We make sure birthdays are more enjoyable in the hostel.

“Om Triambakam yajamahe sughandhim pushtivardhanam oorvaru kameeva bhandhanaath mrutyormrukshiya mahmruthath”

Boarding Schedule

School Boarding Schedule is structured to help students with their studies along with balancing many extra circular activities. The Boarding structure is more flexible to learn about different cultures, Innovative things, balancing studies, relaxation and developing new friendships.

Our boarding environment is not just a shelter but a place of meaningful activities that promote self-belief and team spirit through daily activities. We ensure a joyful community living with appropriate activities scheduled to stimulate children minds morally and socially. Staff is always there to mentor and counsel children. We believe in a balanced approach to education with equal parts of integrity and fun. All our activities are scheduled accordingly for the right amount of time so that our student’s minds stay active and stimulated.

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