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Teacher enrichment program

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The Teacher enrichment program was hosted/conducted by MR. GVN Raju and accompanied by Mrs. Chandana. MRS. GVN Raju is a famous resource person & program facilitator in the school campus on 11th September, 2018. The program was scheduled for 8 hours in an interactive method. The main theme of the workshop is to upskill the teacher in their respective subjects as well as to focus on the caring and development of the child.

Debate orientation program

top cbse residential schools in hyderabad

The World Scholar’s Cup is a global academic tournament conducted in over 50 countries. The tournament combines debate, collaborative writing, multiple choice tests and a multimedia quiz. Each year students explore a broad theme. The theme for 2019 will be “A World On The Margins”. Within the theme, students will explore the topics from six subjects – history, science, literature, social studies, art and music, and a special area.

A workshop for teachers on the subject of “Training Students For Debates” conducted on 23rd January, 2019.

This workshop is conducted by Mr. Thishin Moodley, a former champion debater and the South Africa Coordinator for the World Scholar’s Cup. The workshop was hosted by Suchitra Academy, Suchitra Junction, Qutubullapur Mandal, Hyderabad.

best cbse schools in hyderabad

Oxford University press – Preprimary teachers.

top cbse residential schools in hyderabad

The  pre-primary   motivational  workshop  organized  on  14th  Nov  2018  at  Golkonda Hotel.

The workshop focused  on  4- domains  which  plays  an important  role  for  development  of  child.

  • Development  stage –L  S  R  W[listening , speaking, Reading, Writing]
  • Social development stage reading and writing (in which a child should learn about sharing and caring)
  • Emotional development( which includes feeling, to express feelings like sad, happy etc)
  • Physical development.
  • Congnitive development(intelliectual development)

Additionally, the resource person taught aout skills such as soft skill, life skill, hand skill,(technical knowledge) should be developed in a teacher so that she/he  can able to build the foundation of a child.

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Special Assemblies:

At Sanskar Innovative School each celebration has its own specific meaning. It will help  to make to inculcate basic values and traditions among our students. Special assemblies are such occasions which highlight and create awareness among the people on the significance of the day of national importance or festival like Telangana formation day, Independence Day, Christmas, Raksha Bandhan, Gandhi Jayanthi, Teacher’s Day, Children’s Day, Republic Day, Maha Sivaratri, Holi, Ugadi. On each special assembly students from each house, subject department, class wise will get opportunity to showcase their talents.

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