CBSE Curriculum

CBSE Curriculum

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For every school, scholastic area is very important. Accordingly, curriculum plays a major role in making future engineers, doctors, lecturers, software engineers. The NCERT syllabus will provide the foundation to build progress in the future of the students of school.

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Our CBSE curriculum envisions a vibrant & holistic school education. Our knowledgeable teachers and staff work towards evolving the learning process & creating the best CBSE school environment which empowers the future citizens to become global learners It works towards evolving a learning process & environment which empowers the future citizens to become global learners. The board commits itself to provide a stress-free learning environment. Students are encouraged to take part in competitive exams and school is doing its level best to prepare them for IIT Foundation, Medical and Olympiad entrance test. Students are provided with study materials and tips for attempting State and National level exams confidently.

We are committed to educating the whole child, and our curriculum focuses on the creative, moral, and physical development of children alongside academics. Our curriculum is innovative to suit the modern age and is supplemented by a variety of social and cultural activities. We endorse an enthusiasm for life, for learning and for individual growth through our programmes. Content-rich curriculum with a structured approach to learning sets us apart from others, making us the top CBSE residential school in Hyderabad. Our curriculum is designed to promote research skills, problem-solving and decision-making. The overall goal is to encourage and enable students to become active, responsible citizens

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