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To make the students understand the value of true leadership and adorn them with a pragmatic sense of responsibility, the school opts for capable students and assigns them with certain tasks in certain designations, such as it elects school captain, vice-captain, language marshals, sports marshals, discipline marshals etc.

Prefectorial ceremony

The school celebrated its first farewell party in the month of March bidding farewell to its first 10th class. Sanskar Innovative School very keenly expects a good name to it through its first product.

Farewell Party

Sanskar Innovative School organized one of the most remarkable events. The students were asked to act like a differently-abled person from the time they wake up till the school closes. It basically aimed at imparting a lesson to its children that addresses an important social concern for the differently-abled; sensitize them to problems faced by these persons.

special gifted people

As we strongly believe in the concept of ‘value based education’, we also strive to back it up by celebrating festivals like Bathukamma—a festival which is very much own to the land. We not only help our students surf academic waves, at the same time we never forget to make them realize the beauty of their own culture and tradition. We reckon, by participating in festivals of the type, they understand the ‘value’ of love for the land and things embedded with it.


We provide students with a Jumbo Pack of fun and entertainment which comes for free with academics. Well, what are these fun and entertainment? It’s nothing but celebrations of the significant festivals and other fun filled activities, and Ganesh Chaturthi is one of those. Since morning till evening the students engage themselves in decorating themselves and decorating the compound of Lord Ganesh. The pooja is followed by “Utti Kottadam”, several rounds and several kinds of dance to the rhythm of band where every single person in the school shakes their legs till the band stops. All escort the idol of the almighty through the narrow path amidst the jungle to the nearby river for immersion in the evening.


Yet another biggest celebration in Sanskar Innovative School is the Dussera Celebration. Students enact as Ram and Ravan along with their respective teams and fight a fierce battle resulting in the death of Ravan which resonates the idea of “Victory of truth over evil.” Finally, the day sees its end with the dahan of Ravan by burning the effigy of demon king Ravan.

Dasara Celebrations

To relax the students from their ‘burden of study’, they are taken on frequent trips to renowned tourist places in the city, such as Golconda, Summer Green Resort, Ramoji Film City, Salarjung Museum, Neheru Zoological Park etc.

Golconda : While exploring the fort, students got to understand the several techniques of well planned water supply methods, the amazing way of sending message through claps under a particular roof etc. We strived to animate their learning process by taking them directly to the place, rather than make them mug up facts about it from their history book.

Summer Green Resort : The school took the students to the Summer Green Resort where it silently saw them shout their joy out loud. Amidst so much fun filled activities in the water, it seemed like they splashed the best moment of their life in the cold water in the scorching sun.

Summer green resorts

Ramoji Film City : The place where every Hyderabadi/Indian longs to go to once in a life time/ as many times as possible is Ramoji Film City. We took our students on a trip to this pace surcharged with fun and entertainment. Students learnt the techniques behind film making, understood the contribution of every single person starting from the spot boy till the director. They were excited to learn that instead of going to the exact location for a shoot, the entire world can be brought together in one place, and shooting can be much easier. They had thrilling experience of the horror cave- Borasura, Stunt Show, Ramoji Tower etc.


We believe that “Health is no way comparable to Wealth.” It is precious, more than wealth, more than anything on this planet. To make sure, every member in our Sanskar family is perpetually healthy, we provide the students with Regular Medical Health Camps and checkups.

Regular Medical Checkup