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XSEED Curriculum

Every child has a natural ability to learn. This is evident from their keen sense of observation, their ability to experiment and improvise their playfulness. One wonders how much a child learns in their first 3 or 4 years of life, without any format training or teaching. They learn to walk, they learn to talk and they explore their world on their own.

The concentration and focus with which they engage themselves with anything which interests them, has no equals.

Based on these facts, at SANSKAR we try to maintain and subsequently expand the child’s inherent ability to learn by providing them learning space in most congenial and joyful environment. One significant step towards this goal is the implementation of XSEED curriculum from Nursery to 5th Std.

XSEED provides children joyful learning experiences, encourage them to question, to experiment & to search for answers. We believe that “the child learns the experience rather than the child learns from experience."