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Currcular: Year 2014-15

  • 11 students achieved ranks in International Mathematics Olympiad.
  • 6 students got selected to state level handwriting competition conducted on the occasion of National handwriting day & one of the student bagged a prize at state level.
  • 10 students got selected for state level Spell Bee Competition.

Co-Currcular: Year 2014-15

  • 9 Sanskarians got selected to district level & 4 got selected to state level in various games (Volley Ball, Cricket, Kabaddi etc.,) conducted by SGFI.
  • 21 students bagged Gold & Silver medals in Kung-fu competition.
  • 2 students got selected for D juniors dance competition conducted by ETV.


Co-Currcular: Year 2015-16


International Mathematics Olympiad Result in curricular: Year 2015-16