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"A sense of curiosity is nature’s original school of education"

As a religion begins with fear of unknown, the knowledge starts with the curiosity. Had there not been the basic instinct of curiosity there could have been no progress of human being, no inventions, no books etc. They very essence of progress of existence of human being and his universe reciprocally depends on the notion of the curiosity. Had there been no curiosity, the apple of Issac Newton, the ship of Megallene, the shining object of Madam Curie man’s first steps on moon and all the inventions of human history could not have been in the path breaking inventions. Indeed, the curiosity only paved the way for all inventions of human history till date. It was the same curiosity led the Buddha to the enlightenment. The question and quest of "Who am I"? has been the trouble in the mind in time immemorial. Nevertheless, the world around us always teaches what are not you? And "still you are part of it" and "what remain is YOU".

Socrates, the philosopher of all the time once remarked NOSCE TE IPSUM. One’s own mind unimaginable, innovative, fountain head of knowledge is the best teacher. The effort of a teacher ends up with planting the seed of curiosity in the mind of a child. He learns because curiosity creates restlessness in him to find the answers, to explore, to reach to a conclusion. The basic step towards it is to make him try to know the mysterious, the most enchanting, the powerful personality of a child within himself. With this faith, conviction and commitment, Let us start our Journey…………..

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors & doing new things, because we’re curious & curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Indu Manrai