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Principal´s Profile

Principal´s Profile

I am happy to be the head of this one amongst million type school, the unique school- Sanskar Innovative School. It is situated amidst a lush green forest far away from all sorts of pollution ensuring a healthy life to the students in the campus.

Well, in ordinary terms a school is an institution where students are supposed to complete their academic portion and finally leave it with the acquisition of a certificate. Is that all we expect from a school? Of course, NO! It should aim not only to elevate the academics of a student, at the same time it must aim to uplift the spiritual, moral, patriotic, ethical standard as well. Sanskar Innovative School believes in figuring out the potential in a student and makes sure to create the best of platforms to unleash the same to its optimum level.

We, at Sanskar celebrate each festival of the soil with pomp and show and never forget to stay deeply rooted in the Indian culture, striving always to do it in the most authentic fashion. Thus, the love for their nation and its exuberant culture clings to them as a shadow is to a person. Students are provided with skating, yoga, dance, music and Kung-fu classes to boost their extra-curricular appetite. Classes are taken with audio-visual equipments to make the learning process more entertaining and engaging. Besides, English Language Lab is one of the most significant parts of the school which encourages students to explore themselves in the world of English through animated pictures, movies, and interesting activities through computer.

Above all, the school’s prime focus perpetually remains concentrated in the greater idea of imparting the students the significance of MORAL VALUES WITH MODERN EDUCATION.